Webbing Conversion Chart

This chart is meant to be used in combination with the instructions in Creative Designworks Collar Kits. The kits do not have specific instructions for using webbing.* Use the measurments in the chart to substitute nylon webbing for the handmade cotton webbing. Then follow the instructions to construct your item. Kits Menu
*Heavy weight webbing may not work with all of the hardware available on this site, especailly with the addition of fabric or trims.

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To prevent fraying, fuse cut ends of webbing by passing the webbing several times through flame of a lit match.  
Choose desired items from chart. Add length figures together, then divide by 36" to determine number of yards needed. 
  Kit Style  Size Total length of
webbing needed
  Classic Dog Collar Ex- Small 15" 
    Small 19" 
    Medium  24" 
    Large  29" 
    Ex-Large  34" 
  Mini Dog Collar or
Cat Collar 
Ex-Mini or Kitten  13" 
    Mini or Cat  16" 
    Mini Plus or Large Cat 18" 
  Leash  Standard  Finished length desired plus 6 inches 
    Adustable  Finished length desired plus 9 inches 
  Martingale Collar  Small  25" 
    Medium  29" 
    Large  35"
    Ex-Large 41" 
  Harness Small 64"
    Medium  85" 
    Large 102"  
    Ex-Large  125" 
  Combination Collar  Small  25" 
    Medium  31" 
    Large  36" 
    Ex-Large  42" 
  Limited Choke Collar Ex-Small  19" 
    Small  24" 
    Medium  29" 
    Large  34" 
    Ex-Large  39" 
  Small Martingale Collar   Mini  16"
    Ex-Small  20" 
    Small  24"  
  Small Pet Harness   Mini  40"
    Ex-Small  52" 
    Small  61"  
  Small Combination Collar  Mini  16" 
    Ex-Small  19" 
    Small  25" 
  Small Limited Choke Collar Mini  16" 
    Ex-Small  19" 
    Small  24" 
  Kits not listed here are custom cut to your requirements. Buy kit to determine size desired, then use interfacing measurements to determine length of webbing needed.