Leash Friendly-Safety Breakaway Collars
with Handmade Matching Strap Keeper


Webbing-light weight

Collar hardware in size to match your webbing

All hardware on this website is listed to coordinate with the same size webbing.
1" hardware fits 1' webbing.

1 breakaway buckle

1 adjuster buckle
(slip lock, tri-glide)

2 D rings

1 strap keeper-see instructions below to make your own strap keeper or use a plastic one

Feel free to use the collars made with these instructions for personal use or resale. If providing a link to the instructions please include proper source acknowledgement. Please do not distribute copies in any form, in compliance with copyright law.

Links to supplies available on this site.

Webbing-light weight
Plastic Hardware
Metal Hardware

Collar Instructions

1. Cut webbing to length according to chart.

2. To prevent fraying, fuse cut ends of webbing by passing the webbing several times through flame of a lit candle. Hold webbing just above the flame in the heat glow to prevent a heavily melted, charred area. Properly fused area will be a little stiff, but no longer fraying.

Webbing Collar Chart      
Collar size measurement in parenthesis coordinates with hardware size Fits Neck Sizes (approximately) Cut Webbing Length of strap from buckle to strap end Steps 3 & 9
Extra Small
(3/8 or 1/2 wide)
7 to 11 inches 18 inches 1-1/4 inches
(5/8 wide)
10 to 15 inches  22 inches 1-1/2 inches
(3/4 wide)
12 to 19 inches  26 inches 1-1/2 inches 
(1" wide)
15 to 24 inches  32 inches 1-3/4 inches 
Extra Large
(1" wide)
17 to 29 inches  36 inches 1-3/4 inches  
Main Menu 3. Thread strap through adjuster buckle. Up through far slot and down through the other.

Adjust strap to measurement for chosen size in last column of chart above.

Collar Strap Ideas

The instructions are designed for use with a heavy weight webbing. Here are a few ideas for alternate collar straps.

Collar Strap Using Lightweight Webbing. The webbing shown in the sample collar and tutorial photos is lightweight. To use lightweight webbing, simply cut the length double the length shown in chart, fold in half and stitch together close to the edges. Fuse the cut ends. Following step 3, use fused end at adjuster buckle, so tidy folded end will show on finished collar. The hardware shown will not hold adjustment if lightweight webbing is used alone.  

Collar Strap with fabric or trim added to the lightweight webbing will add enough thickness for the hardware to hold adjustment. Here is a link to the tutorial for adding fabric or trim. Add Fabric or Trim



4. Stitch, forming a box with an X. Stitch each line at least twice for strength.

Collar Strap made using lightweight cotton fabric and iron-on interfacing. Cut lightweight cotton fabric and craft weight interfacing (Craft Bond or Craft Fuse by Pellon) according to the chart below.

1. Preheat iron to lowest steam setting.

2. Cut fabric to desired size according to chart below.

3. Cut interfacing to desired size according to chart below. (note for 3/8 and
.1/2" widths, a lighter weight interfacing may be necessary to keep strap.thin enough to fit through hardware slots)

4. Lay fabric on ironing board, wrong side up. Center interfacing, fusible
.side down, on fabric.

5. Trim narrow triangle from each corner of interfacing, approximately
1/16" x 3/4". This will help the inside layers of fabric tuck neatly inside.

6. Fuse interfacing in place. Fold fabric ends over interfacing and press.

7. Fold fabric in half lengthwise, right side out, and press. Unfold fabric. Fold one side into center crease and press. Repeat with second side. Fold on
.center crease and press.

8. Stitch close to edge along both long edges.


5. Making sure strap is same side up as in photo above, add strap keeper, finished side facing you, buckle as shown through underside and D ring, flat part facing you.


6. Thread strap back through just the strap keeper and adjuster buckle, passing over D ring and buckle.

Handmade Cotton Collar Strap Chart      
Collar size measurement in parenthesis coordinates with hardware size Fits Neck Sizes (approximately) Cut Fabric Cut Interfacing
Extra Small
(3/8 wide)
7 to 11 inches 19" x 1-1/2" 18" x 1-1/2"
Extra Small
(1/2 wide)
 7 to 11 inches 19" x 2"  18" x 2" 
(5/8 wide)
10 to 15 inches  23 x 2-1/2" 22" x 2-1/2" 
(3/4 wide)
12 to 19 inches  27 x 3" 26" x 3" 
(1" wide)
15 to 24 inches  33" x 4"  32 x 4"
Extra Large
(1" wide)
17 to 29 inches  37" x 4" 36 x 4" 

7. Step 6 finished.

8. Thread strap through other side of buckle. Add second D ring as shown.




9. Adjust strap to measurement for chosen size in last column of chart above.

Stitch as directed in Step 4. Collar is finished. Adjust to size. Call the dog.




Attach leash to both D rings to prevent collar from breaking apart while in use with the leash.

Remember, collar safety is YOUR responsibility. Only you can determine the suitability of this collar for your pet and individual situation.

   Handmade Matching Strap Keeper  

1. Wrap webbing around two layers of collar strap. Mark edge of webbing on strap keeper. The keeper should not be too tight or too loose. It may take a couple of tries to get it the right tightness. Two layers of collar strap will be going through the finished keeper.



2. Cut off excess webbing. Remove keeper from strap. Realign ends and stitch across keeper several times.



3. Trim seam allowance to approximately 1/8". Fuse cut edge following step 2 in collar instructions above.


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1. To turn strap keeper right side out, push seam allowance into center of keeper as you pull right side out. A pencil point will help on the smaller sizes.