Paracord 550
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Type 3 commercial nylon, 7 strands inside, measures a bit over 1/8" thick. Thickness varies from one color to another. Actual weave and color will vary from one lot to another. 
Modeled after standard military issue cord, commercial type III.
American made.
 *Yards to foot (per foot prices rounded)
 5 yards =15 feet (.27 per foot)
6 yards=18 feet (.25 per foot)
 10 yards=30 feet (.18 per foot)
 25 yards=75 feet (.13 per foot)
 50 yards=150 feet (.11 per foot)
 100 yards=300 feet (.10 per foot)
Drop down color lists in alphabetical order. Color swatches shown below. 

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Paracord-by the YARD.

*see conversion chart above to the right for per foot pricing.
Includes US shipping

item # PC 550



Paracord-by the roll
(1000 feet)
.056 per ft
Includes US shipping

item # PC 550R


Desert Foliage 

Foliage Green (coordinates with Desert Foliage, Kelly Camo, Pretty in pink Camo, Sneaky Pink Camo, Yellow Camo, Purple Passion Camo, Survival Camo and Urban Camo) 

Dragonfly (kelly, Neon Green, neon yellow, black) 

 Neon Green

Kelly Camo (kelly, white, black, Foliage Green)

Kelly Green  

Paracord-by the roll
(2 rolls-1000 feet each roll)
.053 per ft
Includes US shipping

item # PC 550R2

Second Color

 Carolina Beach (Baby Blue, sand, white) 

Baby Blue

 Royal Blue

Freedom (red, white, royal blue)   

Blue Snake (Colonial Blue, white, black)  

Colonial Blue 


Neon Turquoise 

Survival Camo (Colonial Blue, navy, Foilage Green, International Orange) 

Peacock (Neon Turquise, royal blue, kelly, gray) 

 6 Yard Sampler (18 feet)
Includes US shipping

item # PC 550S

Use color drop down box list above to customize your sampler.

Choose 1 color and recieve one six yard length.

Choose 2 colors and receive three yards each color.

Choose 3 colors and receive two yards each color.

Choose 6 colors and receive one yard each color.

A random substitute color will be sent if a color not listed is chosen.

Enter colors in the box below. Or leave blank and we will choose your colors


6 Yard Assortments (18 feet)
Includes US shipping 


FS Navy (grey blue navy-not bright)


Acid Purple


Purple Passion Camo (purple, Foliage Green, white)  

Grapevine (purple, Neon Yellow)

Plum Crazy (purple, kelly, yellow)  
Candy Snake (fuchsia, red, purple, black) 


Love Spell (Fuchsia, Think Pink, white, red) 
Volcanic (Fuchsia, Think Pink, gold) 
Country Girl Camo (Neon Pink, Acid Purple, Rose Pink, black, white) 

Aloha (Rose Pink, Acid Purple, white) 

Rose Pink 

Think Pink

 Neon Pink 

Neon Cotton Candy (Turquoise, Neon Pink )

Cotton Candy (Baby Blue, Think Pink ) 

Sneaky Pink Camo (Rose Pink, Fuchsia, Foilage Green, white, black)

6 yard Assortments (add to cart above)

Aloha Assortment-Purple, Aloha, White, Rose Pink, County Girl Camo and Neon Pink.

Blue Snake Assortment-Baby Blue, Blue Snake, Silver Grey, Royal Blue, Survival Camo, International Orange.

Explode Assortment-Creamsicle, Black, Harley, Neon Orange, Explode, and Yellow.

Love Spell Assortment-Think pink, Love Spell, Purple, Candy Snake, Fuchsia and Volcanic.
Peacock Assortment-Blue Snake, Baby Blue, Peacock, Kelly Green, Plum Crazy, Purple. 

Star Burst Assortment-Starburst, Neon Yellow, Dragonfly, Neon Green, Virus and Neon Orange.

Virus Assortment-Neon Purple, Mardi Gras, Neon Orange, Royal Blue, Virus and Neon Green.

Yellow Camo Assortment-Neon Yellow, Stryper, Black, Yellow, Yellow Camo, Foliage Green.

Pretty in Pink Camo (neon pink, Rose Pink, Foliage Green, black, white) 

Birthday Cake (Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Turquoise, white)

Wadda melon.(Think Pink, Neon Green)  

Mardi Gras

Star Burst (Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Fuchsia)
Overkill (Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, purple, black, red, white, cream)

 Phoenix Sunrise (purple, red, Neon orange, Neon Yellow) 

Virus (International Orange, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, royal blue, black) 

Burgundy  (same burgundy as in Norwich)  

Norwich (Burgundy, Goldenrod) 



Vietnam Veteran (Neon Yellow, kelly, red)

Neon Yellow

Stryper (black, neon yellow)

Yellow Camo 

Explode (Neon Yellow, Goldenrod, Neon Orange, black, red)

Orange You Happy (Neon Orange, black, white)
Harley (International Orange, black, white)

International Orange

 Solar Orange (deep burnt orange-not bright)   

 Neon Orange 

 Creamsicle (Neon Orange, white) 

Strawberry Fields (red, white)


Black Widow (red, black) 

Holly Jolly (red, white, green) 

Tie Dye (red, navy, white, Neon Green, Neon Yellow) 

Leopard (gold, rust, black)

Walunt (dark brown-coordinates with S'mores) 

S'mores (gold, 2 shades of brown, white) 

Tri Camo (Khaki, dark green, brown, black) 

Fall Camo (Tan, Foliage Green, Solar Orange, dark brown) 

Woodland Camo (Tan, dark green, rust)

Tan (coordinates with Fall Camo, Desert Camo Pattern and Woodland Camo)

Desert Camo Pattern (Tan, rust, black, white)

Khaki (more olive than photo shows) 

Silver Gray 

Urban Camo (Foliage Green, black, white) 

 Silver Diamonds 



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Additional charges due on International orders.


US orders usually shipped the next business day. 

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