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NEW-Paracord Webbing Projects-using paracord and webbing in unique, unconventional ways. Great ideas for using up bits and pieces.
Key Keeper made with whistle buckle.
Whistle Buckles-two colors

All paracord projects shown are made with paracord that has had the inner strings removed. Many projects feature frayed ends for a funky fun look. 
Paracord-80 colors to choose from
Nylon Webbing-many widths and colors
Transparent polyester thread has been used to construct the items. Nylon thread is not recommended as it can yellow and become brittle over time. Zig-zag stitching was used to join the rows of paracord, side by side. Coordinating or contrasting thread would also be attractive.  

Key Keepers made with strap ends.
Strap Ends-2 sizes and Split Key Rings

Long keeper has webbing wrap at top.

Blue green keeper is paracord stitched together, fringe ends, folded in center for two layers.

Webbing keeper is two 5/8" wide lightweight webbing joined in the center to fit 1-1/4 strap end with webbing and paracord applied on top.

Pink blue keeper, paracord pieces are stitched together at top for easy handling.


Key Leashes
Snap Hooks and Split Key Rings

Attach to belt loop to keep keys secure in pocket. The breakaway buckle pulls apart easily to access keys for use.

Attach to purse strap and drop keys into purse. No more digging for your keys!

Great new item for your next craft show. Quick, easy and profitable.

Finished length of paracord area approximately 5-1/2".







Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their individual situation. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and using these products.