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NEW-Paracord Webbing Projects-using paracord and webbing in unique, unconventional ways. Great ideas for using up bits and pieces.
Mug Rugs-rows of paracord stitched together with fringed ends.


All paracord projects shown are made with paracord that has had the inner strings removed. Many projects feature frayed ends for a funky fun look.   
Paracord-80 colors to choose from
Nylon Webbing-many widths and colors

Super simple bracelets, team spirit. Great fund raiser, big profit.

Transparent polyester thread has been used to construct the items. Nylon thread is not recommended as it can yellow and become brittle over time. Zig-zag stitching was used to join the rows of paracord, side by side. Coordinating or contrasting thread would also be attractive.  

Table Runner

Select colors, endless beautiful possibilities .

The keyboard/ mouse pad was constructed in sections. The colored ares (3 strips) were sewn together with a section of two black strips. When all competed, they were sewn into the pad. Single strips tend to warp out of shape when sewn together one at a time. The ends were trimmed , straight, stitched 3/8" from the edge, then fringed.

Keyboard/Mouse Pad



Classic D ring belt.


  Simple sliplock buckle belt.

  Unique no buckle belt.

Belt was made with both end loops equal size. As arranged in the photo pass fringed end up through back hole, over first loop and under second loop.
  Shoe Laces


 Purse Accessories


Zipper Pulls  

Zipper Pull-paracord with zipper pull tab attached.

Cord Locks

Replacement drawcord-inner cords were left in place for this project. Cords ends were fused to prevent fraying by running them through the flame of a lit match. The cord was tied to the existing worn out elastic and pulled through the casing. A cord lock was used (shown in the inset photo) to secure the cord.

Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their individual situation. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and using these products.